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Our clients are ecommerce stores and startups who deeply care about creating digital experiences that are simple and delightful.

Make control of your photos: Share (via e-mail) the virtual folders, move, add/delete Tags and virtual folders easily and quickly with just two clicks. Relive the memories with your friends by sharing with them the photos you have stored in your mobile.


Mobile App: image distribution solution

With you'll be able to drive more traffic using browser notifications.

UX/UI & Ruby on Rails

The largest free library of guided meditations on earth with more than 15,000 titles

Java & Frontend ReactJs & Mobile App Android & iOS

Rally Navigator Streamlines the Process of Creating Rally Navigation Roadbooks Using the Power of Digital Mapping and GPS.

Agile Development with Ruby on Rails

With one click your CRM property data is accessible in their dynamic, free global property search engine. We build detailed analytical dashboards to report all the activity and results so you can quickly identify hot prospects.

Custom Agile .net Project is a Canadian premium Photolab that produces high-quality photo prints. As the company is growing fast they wanted a more scalable Magento 2 with a new design tool Taopix

Magento 2 & Taopix API

Description will coming soon

Custom edtior project for Photographers

CityMove’s convert mobility of the future into a solution of the present to meet the challenges raised by transportation in modern cities and the environmental and societal needs related to it.


Mobile travel app

We are building a B2B Saas application for Primento. This project is currently in development. BETA and case study are coming soon.


Python project: launching soon provides a online design tool for photo products. Upload & Design your Photo Prints, Album/Book, Calendar, Cards, Wall Poster, Gifts in the integrated Taopix design tool.

Magento 2 with Taopix